The holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is coming up in just three and a half weeks. This leaves app developers little time to enjoy a stress-free app update.

As announced previously, Parse will shut down at the end of January. If you have not yet released an updated version of your app that uses Parse Server, you’re running short on time. **Now is the best time to transition your application to a self-hosted Parse server of your own.

If your app targets iOS devices, be aware that Apple will not be accepting new apps or app updates from December 23 to December 27. It will be best to release your updated app within the next week. This will give you ample time to submit any last minute fixes in case of bugs, unknown issues, or necessary tweaks before the holidays.

For Android developers, Google Play store does not have holiday blackout dates.

Make sure you’ve migrated data to a self-hosted or managed database, also make sure you’ve properly provisioned your self-hosted Parse server. During the holiday season you’ll also want to slightly over-provision your database and application servers for the weeks surrounding Christmas to handle any unexpected spikes.

Good luck from the Parse team!

Eric Nakagawa