With the upcoming Parse.com shutdown just 150 days away, we’d like to take some time to talk about the things we have been doing to get ready on our side.

Earlier this year we released Parse Server, the open source implementation of the Parse backend, and Parse Dashboard, an open source dashboard to manage all of your Parse apps. We also provided a database migration tool that makes it possible to switch over your database traffic to your own infrastructure with just a few steps.

If you have followed our recommendations, then you have already migrated your app’s database, set up your own Parse Server, and distributed a new version of your app to your users. Now that your app no longer depends on Parse.com, you’re probably starting to think about what new features to ship in your next Parse app update. To ensure you can access the Parse docs long after the Parse.com website has shut down, we have migrated all of the Parse documentation to our Open Source Hub on GitHub.

You can now find your favorite guide, be it the Android SDK Guide, the iOS API Reference, or the REST API Guide, at https://parseplatform.github.io/docs. Our docs are open source and the site can be run locally on your own machine for offline reading.

As always, if you want to contribute to our docs, feel free to open a pull request!

Héctor Ramos