The ability to send push notifications from the Parse Dashboard has been requested by many of you. Powerful targeting, content building and rich options for sending pushes to your users is one of the pillars of Parse, and the ease of use of Parse Push is one of the things that makes Parse great. Now, we are bringing that ease of use to the Open Source Parse Server and Parse Dashboard, running on your own infrastructure. If you’ve configured push already, all you need to do is update your version of the Parse Server and Parse Dashboard and you can start sending pushes.

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Parse Config was introduced in 2014 and is a powerful way to dynamically configure your app. It’s fantastic for all sorts of use cases, like setting a “Photo of the day”, or setting an array of users that have access to beta features of the app, and then later setting a boolean to make it available to everyone once it leaves beta. Now, Parse Config is available in Parse Server as well. Just update your server and dashboard versions, and start configuring. We’d like to thank Federico Rampazzo and Peter Theill from the Parse Open Source community for helping bring Parse Config to life!

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Drew Gross