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Nancy Xiao - August 20th, 2015

Parse is Speaking at React Rally

Catch our very own Andrew Imm, resident React expert, on Day 1 of React Rally. His talk will cover when and how to use the new Observe API, and discuss how it stands to change the way we build and organize React components. Andrew will also detail how Parse implemented the first data source designed to interact with this API, and the lessons learned along the way. Finally, he’ll explore some unique use cases for observable data to inspire your own projects.

Devin Cheevers - May 21st, 2015

Parse is Back in NYC

We’re excited to be hosting a Parse Meetup on Wednesday, June 3rd at WeWork in Bryant Park. Hear from Fosco Marotto, one of our developer advocates, and learn about our recent product launches and sample apps from F8 and beyond. Plus, we’ll have pizza, beer, and wine!

Devin Cheevers - May 13th, 2015

Parse at Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

We’re excited for Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 this weekend! The Parse team will be attending all three days. Come say hi at the Parse + Facebook booth! We’ll have Parse for IoT demos, free goodies and the engineering team behind Parse for IoT in attendance. In the meantime take a peek at Parse for IoT which we recently released to help connect hardware with the cloud. See you there!

Nancy Xiao - April 30th, 2015

Parse at MongoDB World 2015

We’ll be leading two sessions this year at MongoDB World 2015. Don’t miss Storage Engine Wars at Parse with Charity Majors, and Benchmarking, Load Testing, and Preventing Terrible Disasters with Mike Kania. For the full session descriptions, visit here, and be sure to register for the event with our special 15% discount with code “SpeakerFriend”!

Nancy Xiao - January 27th, 2015

Announcing F8 2015

This spring, Facebook’s F8 conference is coming to San Francisco’s Fort Mason for a jam-packed two days of technical talks and hands-on sessions. We’re excited to be a big part of this event, and to invite you, the members of our community to join us on March 25 and 26, 2015.

It’s an exciting day for the Parse team as our CEO, Ilya Sukhar, just announced at SXSW that Facebook will be hosting an f8 this year. We’re excited to be a big part of this event, and to invite you, the members of our community, to join us on April 30th, 2014 in San Francisco. Held at the San Francisco Design Concourse, f8 will be a full day of technical talks and hands-on sessions for more than 1,500 mobile and web developers from around the world. There will also be a live stream of the full event for those of you who won’t be able to join in person.

Courtney Witmer - March 3rd, 2014

Parse March 2014 Events

March is going to be a busy month for the Parse team. We’ll be attending and hosting several different events this month, and hope that you can join us at some of the following:

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