It was awesome to see how many of you were interested in our recent blogpost on moving our API stack from Ruby to Go. In fact, it’s one of our most visited and commented on posts, ever. We also blogged about some of the libraries we used. Earlier this month, Parse engineer Abhishek Kona spoke about how we tackled this at Gophercon. Enjoy this deeper dive into a fun project.

Parse tools are great for building an apps quickly, but when your first priority is shipping your app soon, it’s easy to forget important steps like setting ACLs on every object. If you skip this, you’ll face the time-consuming and error-prone task of going back and plugging all your security holes; you may even put off securing your app until it’s too late. At Parse, we think moving fast should never mean ignoring security. That’s why we’re launching a new kind of Class Level Permission, called pointer permissions, that makes it even easier to secure your app quickly without writing any new cloud code or client code.

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