We’re really excited about the community which is forming around Parse Server and Parse Dashboard. In just 80 days since we launched Parse Server, more than 60 contributors from all over the world have already taken part. Parse Server is one of the most active open-source projects at Facebook, and growing incredibly quickly. This month we’re releasing a group of screencasts we hope will be helpful to developers looking to get started with Parse Server. We’ll span the process from setting up your development environment and running your first app, to migrating your database and even submitting changes on the open-source repository. We will also talk about JavaScript, testing, and code reviews. Let’s get started!

Yesterday, Amazon announced the Dash button, a small device with a single button and a single purpose: Pressing the button orders an item on Amazon. This is just the latest in the continuing trend toward connected smart devices, and we immediately saw the possibilities for our developer community to create devices for their own apps. Feeling inspired to experiment, we spent half an hour with an Arduino Yún, a push button, and the new Parse for IoT SDK to create a device that simulates ordering toilet paper when we’re running low. As you’ll see here, it’s amazingly simple to build a working order button that connects to your app using Parse tools. Here’s how we did it:

Mattieu Gamache-Asselin - December 8th, 2014

Migrating from Urban Airship

Making mobile development as easy as possible has always been our mission at Parse. And ensuring your data is portable and remains yours is an important part of that mission. We’ve worked hard on improving the accessibility of your data on Parse and are committed to ensuring our customers can access their data at any time.

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