CubefreeWith the release of each new mobile device into the global market, there is an ever-increasing need to be able to work collaboratively at any time through these tools.  Citrix Systems creates solutions that enable people to communicate at any time, from anywhere, on any device.  Now, with their new Cubefree app, this collaborative work experience can become even more intimate and effective than ever before.

Cubefree is a Citrix Experiment that helps mobile and remote workers find great places to work together beyond the cubicle.  It is the first community targeting mobile and remote workers so that they can easily connect with and assist each other.  Available on iOS in addition to a lightweight HTML 5 version, Cubefree uses Facebook and Parse to power many key parts of their app, from inviting new users to engaging existing users and more.

Originally an idea submitted to the Citrix Connect 2014 Innovators Challenge, Cubefree won “Best Overall Idea,” then turning to the Citrix Startup Accelerator Program to get started.  Given the fast-paced nature of the accelerator program, the Cubefree team prioritized efficiency in the development process.  Parse proved exceptionally useful, and provided a comprehensive solution for Cubefree.  According to Cubefree’s Product Manager, Marta Guerra:

We saved tons of development time using Parse.  It allowed us to have our MVP (minimum viable product) in two weeks to present our experiment to the Citrix executive council.

By saving so much in development time and resources, Cubefree was able to focus on the user experience.  Cubefree uses Parse Push to notify its mobile workers about invitations to “share a table,” “offer a coffee,” to chat, plus other activities.  Parse is also utilized for hosting data.

Given the inherently social nature of the product, Cubefree turned to Facebook’s platform to grow its user base.  Facebook is utilized to invite mobile workers to use the app, and Cubefree’s Facebook ad campaign generated 50% more clicks than Google Adwords with a 22% conversion rate.  For others in the development community, Guerra offers this tip:

Parse is excellent in enabling you to start projects fast.  It’s easy to setup and implement, and includes many essential features such as push notifications, data storage, and background jobs.

Cubefree by Citrix Labs is free to use and ready for mobile workers looking to explore new work settings and mutually minded professionals.  Download from the App Store now or visit the Citrix Labs website for more.

Nancy Xiao