Parse is excited to be a part of the mobile development Deep Dive course from Brooklyn’s HappyFunCorp this March. Find out how Parse can be a great learning tool in this guest post from HappyFunCorp co-founder Ben Schippers:

At HappyFunCorp, I often get asked the question, “Should I use Parse to build my startup?”

This question generally leads to a much larger discussion about the best ways to build startups and to manage the inevitability of the unknown post-launch. In today’s development climate, bandwidth is cheap, and developers can find massive reservoirs of free information on best practices. Thus, building for mobile and web has become much more accessible—which means user acquisition and distribution has become the new game.

For entrepreneurs starting mobile or web businesses today, it’s critical to build the smallest, most focused subset of features to prove to the market that the idea has viability. It is equally critical to push forward, pivot, or move on to the next idea when necessary. Data is king in making these decisions, so shipping the product as quickly as possible should be the goal when getting started. It’s crucial to use tools that enable you to maneuver quickly, especially during the infancy of the business.

That’s why, when I’m asked “Should I use Parse to build my startup?” I say yes. Parse takes much of the complex web services layer out of the scenario. This allows you to focus on the actual mobile experience. User authentication, push notifications, and storage, just to name a few, are taken care of for you right out of the box. Just as many startups use Heroku to manage dev-ops, Parse takes care of the communications link between your phone and the server. It enables you to focus on the client experience, and perhaps just as importantly, the distribution, while Parse manages much of the heavy web services layer for you. This is perfect for our students at HappyFunCorp, many of whom are just beginning to learn app development; with Parse, they’re up and running with a new app in just minutes.

In addition to Parse’s development offerings, entrepreneurs can take advantage of FbStart, a new program tailored directly to startups and larger companies looking to build amazing mobile application experiences. The beauty of this program is that Facebook and Parse help solve the distribution problem for you by offering application level deep linking, custom analytics, and a whole suite of tools dedicated to user acquisition and distribution. So you can build fast and ship, collect data and iterate, quickly and easily.

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Nancy Xiao