This month, developer advocates Eric and Fosco cover questions including using AWS with Parse, push notification support, the FbStart program, and much more!

  1. I have my own file server which stores a lot of big files like mp3, videos and also images. I want to store the URL for those files as a PFFile, not just as a URL string. It is possible? (0:26)
  2. Is there any kind of pre-release checklist to help developers ensure that their app will have a seamless transition to production? (1:01)
  3. Parse Push support for Windows 10? (1:35)
  4. According to Parse documentation: "Tracking push opens is not supported on Unity now." When will it be supported? (1:52)
  5. Can I add the FacebookButton from PFLogInViewController to a PFSignUpViewController? Thanks! (2:12)
  6. Would you/could you have a GitHub repo to centralize issue tracking of Parse backend? (2:45)
  7. The FbStart program is very cool, and a bit of a hidden gem. Can you tell us more about it? (3:10)
  8. I understand the safety concerns related to class name editing. However, is there a chance you can allow us to edit class names for apps not yet in production? (4:47)
  9. Will the REST API session token expire on its own? Or do you have to create something in the code to let it expire? (5:07)
  10. Release date of Parse SDK support for watchOS 2? When is the tvOS SDK going to be available? Thanks! (5:38)
  11. Can we use Parse for sending notifications from user to user? And is it possible to do A/B testing? (6:06)
  12. Do you plan to include Passbook integration for apps? Generating passes is as complicated as push notifications and Parse solved that perfectly. (7:24)
  13. How do I force https on static files? Using the parseExpressHttpsRedirect module still allows direct access to static files. (7:54)
  14. I am making a mobile app that contains content submitted from users, and only appears after being approved by administrator, using a flag called “isApproved.” How do I ensure that no one can insert any content and mark it as approved themselves? (8:35)
  15. I have AWS credits - is there any way to take advantage of these while using Parse? (10:06)
Nancy Xiao