Our developer advocates take on your questions covering pricing, feature requests, Cloud Code, push notifications, data storage, and much more!

The Questions:

  1. Can you guarantee that prices won't go up? (0:19)
  2. Do you have any plans for autoscaling? (e.g. short-time high request rate) (0:31)
  3. Is there an automated way for me to update my Xcode project with the latest SDK without doing it manually? (0:47)
  4. Are there plans to make an API available to get the results of Background Jobs? (1:40)
  5. Can we use domains that don't start with www on Parse Hosting? (2:08)
  6. Is it true that Parse.Cloud.httpRequest does not support POST requests of type multipart/form-data? (2:39)
  7. Is there a plan to provide rich media push notifications where we can send images, audio, and video notifications? (3:14)
  8. I'm working on an app that integrates with an external service which uses an invalid SSL certificate. How can I send a HTTP request to the server while ignoring any invalid certificates? (4:34)
  9. Will we ever be able to store arrays in Parse Analytics? (5:10)
  10. I'd like to hear about strategies for a robust search integration. I've already implemented search as an array of search terms as suggested by Parse but would like to offer something more robust. (5:38)
  11. With all the effort Apple has been taking to bring in Swift as their new major language, will you be moving all Parse code into a full Swift library? (6:46)
  12. Are there plans to provide options to remove the 1,000 object limit? (7:31)
  13. Why is there no way to create an image PFFile from the web in Cloud Code, and is there any chance it will appear soon? (8:20)
  14. When scheduling Cloud Jobs you can only schedule the same job once. It would be great if you could schedule it more than once, with a different schedule, or different parameters. (8:50)
  15. What happened to the dark dashboard theme? I feel like a change and can't find the theme control anymore! (9:14)
  16. With all the available SDKs and APIs for parse.com, will we ever see feature parity of the JavaScript SDK with the REST API? (9:50)
  17. Are there any plans to beef up the user management features/APIs in Parse? (10:13)
  18. Is there a limit to querying the installation class? I hear the limit is 100 or 1000? (10:34)
  19. What happens when the database storage limit is exceeded, and is there any way to exactly measure the amount of database storage used? (11:22)
  20. Is there any structure coming that would allow us developers to upload more than a 10MB file to the backend? (12:08)
  21. Is it possible to setup a CMS website using Parse, and then have applications looking at the same data? (12:33)
  22. How do I find a good Parse developer? (12:59)
  23. Is there any retry mechanism built into the Unity SDK (or other client SDKs) when calling Cloud Code? (13:21)
  24. I store all my Cloud Code files in the Docs folder on my computer. If I delete those folders, or reinstall my OS, will the corresponding apps stop working? (13:50)
  25. Will every successful beforeSave trigger a result in an afterSave call? What happens when I call set ("counter", 0) and increment ("counter", 1) in the same beforeSave? (14:34)
  26. Could you send me a daily backup (CSV) of my data? (15:12)
  27. Please create an option (similar to useMasterKey) that will circumvent the beforeSave, afterSave, beforeDelete, and afterDelete hooks. This is important in many situations where you might want to bypass validations or other business logic. (15:33)
  28. When will AnyPhone be coming to Android? (16:09)
Nancy Xiao