Our developer advocates take on your questions covering Cloud Code, push notifications, SDK support, what it’s like to work at Parse, and much more!

The Questions:

  1. When will it be possible to upload a CSV to an existing class in Parse? (0:21)
  2. When will we be able to see the data in our Parse storage such as images and things like that? (0:57)
  3. How can we make HTML emails for user authentication and password reset? (1:28)
  4. Can videos be stored on Parse? (2:12)
  5. I'd like to be able to implement a way for users not to be able to reuse the same passwords using Parse. How should I go about doing this? (2:36)
  6. New feature request: Trigger an email when a row is created in a given table. (3:20)
  7. Is it possible to schedule a background job to run once a month, for example, the first day of the month? (3:40)
  8. How does Parse convert the Time inserted into a column of datatype “Time”? (4:24)
  9. Do you have any plans to add servers in Asia? (4:41)
  10. Is phone number verification a planned feature? If so, can you publish a timeline? (5:30) - AnyPhone demo here
  11. What does the Parse team think about the Apple Watch and what does the Apple Watch mean for Parse Push notifications? (6:12)
  12. Are you able to link a push notification? Currently, when a user receives our notification and taps on it, they are taken to our app's menu page. Is there a way to direct them to a specific place within the app? (7:01)
  13. When will push notifications be added to the Xamarin/Parse SDK? (7:48)
  14. Is it possible to send push messages by using a Geo-Query for selecting which devices are inside a Geofence? (e.g. Radius / Polygon) (8:19)
  15. How do I send a push notification to users of a specific device model? (9:09)
  16. How can I add a URL for additional info into a push notification with a default alert message? (9:49)
  17. When will Parse start caring about Swift? (10:42)
  18. How often do you push out new iOS SDK releases? (11:31)
  19. What's working at Parse like? I imagine it to be something like having a constant coding party in a sea of awesomeness. (12:05)
  20. What is Hector's favorite colour? (12:32)
  21. What is your biggest app? (12:46)
  22. Why don’t you backup and restore our data? Seems like that’s your core business. (13:14)
  23. Como criar uma relação entre duas classes e exibir valores os das duas classes, numa query em JavaScript?
    How do I create a relationship between two classes and display the values of the two classes in a query in JavaScript? (14:33)
  24. We are using Parse for our app Zither, but want to make the data accessible on our website to users who log in. We've searched and have not been able to find a step-by-step for this. Can you explain it in simple steps? (15:07)
  25. What are the differences between Users and Installations? And, how can we have more Users than Installations? (16:17)
  26. One of the main issues of using Parse is the limitation of the queries with 10,000 rows. Are there any plans to offer a solution to this issue? (17:31)
  27. Will my app crash if my request count is exceeded? (19:48)
  28. How do I manage my evolving data model? (20:49)
  29. How do you query for more than 1,000 objects? (21:47)
  30. When will there be an official Ember.js Parse data adapter? (22:11)
Nancy Xiao