This month, we’re joined by two very special guests – the brains behind our iOS and Android SDKs, Nikita Lutsenko and Grantland Chew. Watch as they take on all your SDK-related questions!

  1. If I want to summarize a column, what would be the most effective way?
  2. Can we send notifications from a desktop application to a mobile application without using the Parse console?
  3. Are you planning on developing a scheduled push system?
  4. If I restrict a user's ACL to that user, how do I save on the user? (Given that I have the user’s ID or the user object)
  5. How can my app enter data in an offline mode, and then when online, “synchronise” the data?
  6. Why can’t I send pictures in push notifications?
  7. Is there a way to clear the device cache of PFFiles? I need a way to delete the PFFile when the PFObject that owns it is deleted.
  8. When will Parse be bitcode enabled, and how do I upgrade the framework for iOS?
  9. How do I clear the entire Local Datastore in Swift?
  10. On iOS, I want to ask user to enter password every time they use the app. But I don't want to create a new PFUser object every time. What's your recommended way of doing JUST password verification?
  11. Can an already subclassed PFObject be subclassed further? If so, how do I do this in Swift?
Nancy Xiao