Since announcing the sunsetting of the hosted Parse backend and open sourcing Parse Server our community has been extremely active.

Listed below are a guides, discounts, and events to help you migrate your app.

We highly suggest migrating your database by 4/28/2016. Also, be sure to star the Parse Server Github repo to receive updates when we release new functionality.


**Database Migration Discounts**

Two database providers are offering discounts to Parse developers that move their databases within the next 30 days.

mLab offer details.

ObjectRocket offer details.

**Database Migration Guides**

Parse - Migrating your database

mLab — Migrating from Parse

Object Rocket — Move Your Parse Data to Object Rocket

MongoDB — Migrate from Parse to MongoDB Cloud Manager and AWS

**Parse Server Migration Guides**

Parse - Setting up Parse Server

AWS — How to set up Parse Server on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS by @hassy — [Deploying Parse Server on AWS

]( Rackspace – Deploying to Rackspace cloud servers + ObjectRocket 

Heroku — Deploy using the Heroku Button

Digital Ocean — Run Parse Server on Ubuntu 14.04

Google App Engine — Deploying Parse Server to Google App Engine

Google Cloud Platform — Run Parse Server on Google Cloud Platform

Bitnami — Parse Server AWS EC2 image provided by Bitnami

Microsoft Azure — Migration Guide

Appcelerator Arrow — Migrating Your Backend to Appcelerate Arrow

Docker — A docker image for running parse-server quickly (French)

Kontena — How to Install and Run Private Parse Server in Production

Pivotal Web Services — Hosting Parse Server on Pivotal Web Services

Running Parse Server locally by @flovimart — Run Parse Server locally

**Database + Application Migration Guides**

Heroku + mLab — Deploying to Heroku and mLab

IBM — IBM Bluemix + Compose

**Parse Push Migration**

Parse Server Push — Parse Server Push Notifications

Urban Airship — [Parse Migration

]( OneSignal - Migration from Parse

**Upcoming Events**

3/31/2016 - Object Rocket + Parse — RSVP

3/6/2016 — AWS + Parse @ AWS Loft in NY — [RSVP

]( 3/1/2016 — AWS + Parse Webinar — [RSVP

]( 2/25/2016 — AWS + Parse @ AWS Loft in SF — RSVP

Eric Nakagawa