The Parse Platform has changed a lot over the past few months with the departure of one core contributor and the arrival of new contributors. We also look back at the successes of the last year and what’s in the works for the coming months.

The new community forum

Over the years, we have tried many ways to help you discuss implementation details, report bugs and suggest new features. Overall, we were not completely happy with the status quo.

The Gitter chat remains quite active but discussions can be hard to follow which is where the community forum comes in. It allows anyone to start a new topic or dive into an existing one. The GitHub repositories remain the place to track bugs and make contributions. We hope you will use these forums however you see fit; perhaps by discussing implementation details & strategy, writing complete guides or promoting your module or extension.

The departure of flovilmart

As of February 2019 flovilmart has officially retired as a core maintainer of the Parse Platform, in his own words he no longer has the “pleasure of using the project on a daily basis”. We would like to thank him for his unrelenting and longstanding support of the Parse Platform and wish him luck in the future.

As flovilmart moves on, the platform will continue under the new leadership of acinader and other longstanding maintainers.

The Parse Platform is still keeping up the pace under new leadership with acinader releasing version 2.2 of the JavaScript SDK just last week with special mention going to dplewis for his amazing work on adding Local Datastore.

I’m new, how can I get involved?

The Parse Community is always looking for new contributors both experts and novices. To the experts please dive into the complex issues and pull request of the Parse Server GitHub repository and client SDKs.

If you want to keep up to date with the Parse Server repo you can star or watch it:

We also really value even small contributions from Parse/programming newbies. Please get involved where ever you feel comfortable and venture into the unknown as well - that’s how we grow!

How can I help?

  • Making updates to the docs
  • Improving the many READMEs across the platform
  • Helping resolve simple issues and questions on Stack Overflow with the Parse Server or tags.
  • Writing blog posts

A summary of the last year for the Parse Platform

A lot has happened in the world of Parse over the last year and we want to say thanks to all the contributors, users and supporters of the Parse Platform.

To summarise over the last year Parse has seen:

  • A gain of 2,300 stars across the platform
  • Growth of the Open Collective budget to a current total of $10,000
  • 900 new forks across the platform
  • More than 800 pull request closed - 2 every day!
  • 13 releases for Parse Server with the major milestones of 3.0
  • 666,000 downloads for Parse Server on npm, on track for 770,000 in 2019
  • 1,574,000 downloads for the Parse JavaScript SDK

What are we working on?

  • The addition of support for GraphQL is well underway for Parse Server, see #5014 and #5304
  • We’re working on cleaning up the platform website and giving more love to this blog - I’m working on adding a tweet button to the blog (have a look below, it might be there now!)
  • Phill Wiggins is working on a Parse Flutter SDK with 14 releases and over 150 commits in 2019 alone
  • As always we are continually improving the docs, fixing bugs and merging pull requests
Tom Fox,