Amongst the core team we recently discussed adopting a governance model to make the Parse Community more transparent, make the decision making process more clear and make it easier to contribute to the project.

After the departure of a longstanding and valued maintainer earlier in the year we have gained an appreciation for the need to have clear and transparent leadership as well as an efficient yet cohesive decision making process. Above all this we wanted to make the community as open to contribution as possible so we’ve been focusing on making the process of contribution and gaining merit within the community clear and the range of possible contributions known.

So after much discussion, today we have opened a vote to adopt the meritocratic governance model. We welcome everyone in the community to look over the proposed model, voting and project management committee members set out by this pull request and then take part in the vote on our community forum.

Specific elements of the model and the voting procedure are likely to change as we find out what works best but we hope this proposal will lay out some more concrete foundations for the governance of this community.

Tom Fox,